Business Banking Web App
Novel Financial offers all business financial apps in one place, including banking, payouts, invoicing, cards & more.

Novel approached me to help them create a logged in experience for their product, plus additional marketing pages and assets. As the sole designer, I worked closely with the founder to create a V1 design. Novel is gearing up for their next round of fundraising in late January.

My work on the logged in experience is confidential, but I'm always happy to chat if you'd like to know more.
My Contributions
Role: Product & brand designer
Team: Me, Founder/CTO, Founder/CMO, developers
Tools: Figma
  • Company hit $60k ARR 3 months after launch
  • Built the company's first design system
  • Developed Novel's brand identity in terms of color palette and custom graphics
  • Designed all product screens, marketing landing pages, social assets and ads, and other brand touchpoints
I was responsible for creating all of Novel's marketing pages including the Homepage, Pricing, and Product and Use Case pages.
Marketing pages
I worked with the marketing team to design various assets including an account fees guide document, Google My Business graphics, and Novel's investor deck for fundraising.
Marketing graphics
Knowing Home
UX Research & Strategy
Product Design