Jumpstart Filings

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Jumpstart Filings is a YC-backed startup that helps international founders incorporate and manage a US business.

Jumpstart approached me to help them create a logged in experience for their product, plus additional marketing pages. As the sole designer, I worked closely with the founder to create a V1 design. About 5 months after I began working with the team, Jumpstart closed their $1M seed round funding within 24 hours. Since then, I’ve continued working on the product to add new features and iterate on existing ones.

My work on the logged in experience is confidential, but I'm always happy to chat if you'd like to know more.
My Contributions
Role: Product designer
Team: Me, Founder/CTO, Founder/CMO, developers
Tools: Figma
  • Created the company's first design system
  • Designed all V1 product screens, marketing landing pages, and investment deck, supporting the company in closing their $1M seed round funding within 24 hours following their participation in Y Combinator's demo day
  • Landing page featured on Prototypr blog: Things great SaaS landing pages have in common
Starting an online business as an international founder is hard. Most founders don’t know where to get started and waste lots of time figuring out what to do. Even after forming a company, most founders are unaware of ongoing compliance requirements. Founders also need additional services like bookkeeping and tax filing.
Jumpstart’s aim is to make starting a US business as easy as ordering a pizza. Users should be able to easily sign up and be guided through providing all information necessary for incorporating their business. Users need to be able to quickly check their order and compliance status, view any documents that Jumpstart has generated or filed on their behalf, access company mail, and be able to purchase additional business services in a streamlined way that doesn’t feel repetitive.

On the other end, Jumpstart customer success agents need an interface that allows them to view user accounts, send faxes on behalf of their customers’ companies, and update customer accounts with documents as they come in, and perform admin tasks such as upgrading customer accounts or editing their information
Jumpstart was already profitable when they approached me to help with their design, having 1000+ active companies at that time with a focus on SMBs like freelancers, small eCommerce brands, agencies, personal coaching, etc. They handle their customers’ paperwork relating to business incorporation, EIN, US bank account filing and Stripe payment setup, and ongoing compliance as well as handling US mail forwarding. Originally, these services were performed via email with Jumpstart customer, My job was to design a web app, from onboarding on, that would allow the customers to access these services in an organized and branded way via a customer dashboard.
Iterating on feedback is an ongoing process. The support team and CTO collect customer feedback and identify pain points from customer questions and user tests. The CTO then passes this information on to me and we discuss possible improvements, which I mock up and hand off to the engineers to implement, and the process begins again.
When I joined the team, I inherited a basic brand identity (logo, font family, and accent color) from the company’s original landing page. With this as a starting point, I fleshed out a simple style guide to share with the development and marketing team to ensure consistency.
Style guide
I was responsible for creating all of Jumpstart's marketing pages, from basic needs like Homepage, Pricing, and Use Cases, to SEO-minded pages like formation guides by state, to squeeze and landing pages for marketing funnels that were then implemented on ClickFunnel.
Marketing pages
I worked with the marketing team to design marketing graphics including social profile banners, Facebook ads, an overview deck for inquiring potential customers, and the pitch deck presented on Y Combinator’s 2020 Demo Day and shared with potential investors.
Marketing graphics
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