About me

I’m a designer from Los Angeles. My 6+ year trajectory went from photography, to graphic design, to brand design and, most recently, product design for Y combinator and corporate clients.


Digital illustration

A hand-bound booklet of information and illustrations about Sir Franklin’s lost expedition to the Arctic, a story that captured my attention when I learned about it at 14 years old, and the modern-day expeditions that went in search of the lost ships Erebus and Terror.

Digital illustration

Photoshop brushes + Wacom tablet

Rotoscope animation

A rotoscoped animation of Lucia Lacarra created in Flash by drawing every few frames with a Wacom drawing tablet.

MIDI music visualizing program

A program written in Processing that creates visuals based on live input (velocity and key pressed) from a MIDI keyboard.

Bubble Trouble Javascript clone

A built-from-scratch (no engine used) Javascript clone of the browser game Bubble Trouble, with some extra bells and whistles added.

I was responsible for all the graphics – I created animation cycles from free game artwork assets and coded the animations and background parallax. I also implemented collision detection for the sword power up, the shaking effect on grenade explosion, the shield power up, and all sound effects.

Game repository on Github


A: Move left
D: Move right
W: Jump
S: Crouch
Space: Attack
N: Throw grenade
C: Toggle shield
P: Pause game
Q: Quit game
X: Debug